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The family law attorney Carlos Cabral is skilled and experienced leader in divorce and family law who will help you navigate what is likely a very difficult time in your life.

Please know that when you hire, you get me. Your case will not be handed off to an associate or outsourced to someone else who requires a learning curve. I continually strive to be the best divorce and family law attorneys in Florida and ensure accessibility and availability to my clients as I take great pride in being responsive to my clients and producing top results.

Representing clients from all walks of life, whether it be the high profile executive, professional athlete, police officer, doctor, musician, military service member, or stay at home mother or father. While I have represented many high profile individuals or their spouses, my policy is to not mention their names or cases as confidentiality and discretion are among the pillars of my firm. I respect the privacy of my clients above all else.

As no two cases are alike, I do not provide cookie cutter advice or boilerplate representation. Instead, with my experience family law you will receive intelligent, tailored, strategic, professional, strong, and effective counsel to protect your interests. I welcome the opportunity to help you with your case no matter how complex or straightforward you believe it might be.


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It’s something I create every day for our clients. If you’re injured or accused there are enough people who take your money. I am here to help you get it back.

Our firm has the expertise to practice law in the following areas:

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  • Divorce - Child Support - Alimony
  • Adoption - Mediation -
  • Appeals

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